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In the early 2000s, we, a few people from academia and industry with great interest in robotics, felt that the time was right to start a technology firm specialising in service robotics and intelligent machines. “Intelligent machines” are technical systems consisting of a mechanical base structure with sensors that perceive the environment, activators for a physical response, user interface for communication with people and operators and some kind of built-in intelligence for planning, control, decision making, task handling, etc. As a result of this, Intelligent Machines was founded here in Stockholm. Since its launch in 2004, some of the team have left and others have joined. Currently our core team consists of 5 people. We all have both in-depth and broad knowledge of relevant technical areas for robotics and intelligent machines, making us particularly suitable and adept at robotic system solutions and other autonomous systems solutions. Our knowledge and background from both the industry and research community gives us the unique opportunity of finding solutions from the scientific community to industrial engineering problems in the field of service robotics and intelligent machines.

Throughout the years, we have helped a number of large and small industrial companies in Sweden and Europe to automate their standard products. Some of these projects are briefly described in the projects tab.

Our Vison

Our vision is to become one of Europe's leading technology companies in the emerging field of service robotics and intelligent machines. We are convinced that now is the time for an accelerating growth in service robotics. Evidence of this can be seen by observing the steady increase, especially in recent years, of various service robot products both in the industrial and consumer areas. With our knowledge, we are part of the catalyst for this growth.

Per Ljunggren, the CEO of Intelligent Machines, and also the company's expert in both mechanics and mechatronics is a civil engineer specializing in machine design from the Royal Institute of Technology. He has 18 years of experience in product development from Electrolux where he has worked in various project management positions and leadership roles. Per was the initiator and both technically and administratively responsible for the development of the Electrolux Trilobite robot vacuum cleaner. In 1999 Per joined e2 Home AB which was a joint venture between Electrolux and Ericsson to develop and sell products and services for smart and connected homes. At e2 Home Per was the technical director and then CEO. When Electrolux and Ericsson decided to phase out e2 Home 2004, Per took the initiative to start Intelligent Machines. Per has always had a great interest in technology and has throughout his professional career always worked with technology.

Henrik Ljunggren has a masters in engineering from KTH in mechatronics and robotics. He has previous experience in research and development at Scania and Saab. He has since a young age been interested in technology and if time permits likes working on his own projects. In Intelligent Machines, he works part time with product development in mechanics and software. He masters CAD using Solid Edge and Autodesk Inventor. He can program in the languages Java, C, Python and Matlab.

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Orevägen 11B

167 71 Bromma

Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)8 257098

E-mail CEO Per Ljunggren: per.ljunggren@intmach.com





Patric Jensfelt is a member of the board of Intelligent Machines and the company expert on algorithms with positioning as a specialty. Patric has a degree in engineering physics from the Royal Institute of Technology. He also has a PhD in control engineering and is a professor of computer science with a specialization in robotics at the Center for Autonomous Systems at KTH. He has 18 years of experience in robotics at research level and 11 years of experience in industrial applied mobile robotics. He has among other things developed a system to mark the position of exhibition stands in Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö and developed a prototype of a logistics system based on mobile robots for hospitals in a joint project with ABB. The result of the latter is now being continued by the company RobCab. Patric divides his time between Intelligent Machines and KTH and acts in this way as a bridge between the academia and the industry. This provides Intelligent Machines with access to the latest research results and KTH and its students can turn take part of the experience and problems of industrial applications.

Thomas Ahlstrand, CTO of Intelligent Machines has his focus on systems, electronics and software engineering. Thomas has 35 years of experience in electronics and software for mechatronic constructions in robotics, automotive and medicine technical industry. Thomas has been involved in starting and running a number of consulting companies in the technical field, such as Sigma Design & Development, today a part of Prevas and Elektronen AB, which today is part of the Tritech.