Oriboo is a gaming console developed in Sweden. It can best be described as a cross between a Nintendo Wii and an advanced tamagotchi. It has a display, eyes, audio, USB, gyro/accelerometer, radio based communication and a motor that can transport it along the built-in rubber rail. It is intended as a playmate, a cuddly toy or an activity tool for young girls with the emphasis in dancing. It contains approximately 20 games both for individuals or entire groups. Oriboo is also linked to a web community where information can be shared between different Oriboos and their owners.

Oriboo was developed by Intelligent Machines on behalf of Movinto fun AB. IM has taken the Oriboo concept and helped develop it into a high-volume product which is then manufactured in China.

Technology description

Oriboo väger 120 gram och är 70 mm i diameter. Tekniskt består den av en ARM7 CPU med 512k minne som drivs av ett litet LiPO batteri som räcker till ca 2 veckors normal lek. Ljudsynthesizern är helt mjukvarubaserad och driver en högtalare via PWM. Displayen är en OLED på 64x64 pixel och som också drivs direkt utan någon grafikadapter.

Radion jobbar inom ISM bandet på 915 MHz. Minnet består av ett Flashminne på 512kB och 64kB SRAM.

Gyro och accelerometer är de primära sensorerna för att styra de olika lekarna. En enkel DC-motor kör Oriboo fram och åter på plastbandet för att uttrycka Oriboos kroppsspråk. Motorn är kopplad till en växellåda med inbyggd enkoder för positionering  av produkten längs bandet. För att klara de svåra kraven på utrymme, vikt och tillverningskostnad krävdes en helt integrerad lösning av mekanik och elektronik.


Most games involve movement and dancing, these are designed to enable children to play whilst actively encouraging movement.

There are also some basic classic video games for less active use, as well as pranks . In these games an Oriboo can for example be hidden in a box and when Oriboo detects movement it will start flashing and making as much noise as possible.

Technical challenges

  • To manage the goals for weight and size when the shape of the product is a sphere.
  • To achieve a good enough 3D positioning function based on data from low cost sensors for rotation (gyro) and linear movement (accelerometer).
  • That the product is safe and does not cause hazards such as fires due to short circuiting in electronics or batteries.
  • Power consumption.

Fact box

  • IM has transformed an idea into an actual mass produced product.

  • IM has been the driving force behind technical project.

  • IM has participated in the production process in China.

  • IM has for several years handled product maintenance.

User interface

The user interface consists of eyes that can look in a few different directions, a display with four buttons for menu navigation and control within some games.

There is also audio and tactile feedback with Oriboo’s capability of moving on its strap .